Major Second Album Review

Nice review of Red and Blue Flashing Heads by A&R Factory from Major Second.

Review is here, reposted here:

Taken off the incredibly real ten-track ‘Major Second‘ release, Mission From Dog are back with the superb single called ‘Red and Blue Flashing Heads‘.

Casey Hess aka Mission From Dog is a Chicago, Illinois-based solo artist who previously toiled the ground with various bands in his local area as well as Detroit, to now find his home making music that truly keeps his soul alive, with that fire burning brightly in his eyes.

This is the story of making sure that they don’t forget your name, as you go through life and wish that they could keep you in their mind forever, so that it may be lodged into their soul for eternity.

With so many lathers of soothing indie rock that is such a sumptuous listen, you feel lifted by the deep lyrics has you so captivated, the solos are tremendous and his vocals ease into your blood flow with that rarefied air, that not a lot of artists have in their locker.

He sings with such vehement gusto and purposeful enthusiasm, as we hear a man on a mission to reach his dreams no matter what is thrown his way.

Red and Blue Flashing Heads‘ from Chicago’s Mission From Dog, is a terrific single that has your mind in an elevated place, as you daydream and get lost into this wonderfully soulful creation to escape into.

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