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Minor Third Album Out Now

Mission From Dog background

Very pleased to be sharing my third solo album as Mission From Dog titled Minor Third. In reading one of my last posts before I wrote this one, I’m deeply gratified to be able to still write and record music as I approach 50, and this time with a faster turnaround than my last release which took ten years. Even more so, it’s been an incredible time to write and record music with my oldest son Otto who played drums throughout. He’s been writing and sending me back drum recordings for each song over the last three years as he aged from 14 to 17. So proud of him, his brother Nelson too, for deciding (as if they had a choice) to pursue music as a hobby and passion. And – to record music together is such a gift.

So, Minor Third. What in store for you? Once again I “turned my own insides out” as one of my heroes Elliott Smith once wrote. This is an album that continues to contemplate major themes in my life. From thinking about hanging up the music dream or writing songs for other people, to a more outward expression of my love for animals and disdain for animal cruelty, to remnants from past emotions that still hate the living shit out of cancer — it’s another very personal exploration. There’s some work around the fragility of the mind, mine in particular, and a couple songs that share my love for my new bride, my late bride, and all feelings of happiness, sadness, love, and loss all at once.

This time around conceptually I tried writing more tunes while standing up. While that may seem a bit odd, it was a very different feeling to search for those creative moments, and do so in a way that finds more energy and movement, that could ultimately be channeled into these songs. So perhaps it’s a bit more upbeat and rocking than my last record, and I’d wager I have a lot more to say as I settle into my mediocrity that I mentioned in my last records release post. By that I mean I’m getting more comfortable as a singer, going outside my comfort zone on a few tracks and taking a few chances with range, melody, etc. Or said more bluntly, less giving of fucks.

Finally, once again a list of thank yous for a few folks. A special thanks to Blaise Barton for mixing, mastering, and helpful production ideas. To Sarah Zimmer and Karl Jahnke for their artistic work on the album cover, artwork and merch. To an old friend and colleague, the very talented photographer Barry Brecheisen (who is very busy shooting real rock stars!) reminded me that drinking many IPAs on an empty stomach is a very bad idea. To my good friend Pete Karr for his production and writing feedback, and most of all to my family Michele, Otto, and Nelson for their support. And lastly, thank you to anyone taking the time to read this, listen to the songs, or spend even a moment with me in your thoughts.

Last but not least, here’s the links to the music and the merch.

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Next album is already underway.

Major Second Album Review

Nice review of Red and Blue Flashing Heads by A&R Factory from Major Second.

Review is here, reposted here:

Taken off the incredibly real ten-track ‘Major Second‘ release, Mission From Dog are back with the superb single called ‘Red and Blue Flashing Heads‘.

Casey Hess aka Mission From Dog is a Chicago, Illinois-based solo artist who previously toiled the ground with various bands in his local area as well as Detroit, to now find his home making music that truly keeps his soul alive, with that fire burning brightly in his eyes.

This is the story of making sure that they don’t forget your name, as you go through life and wish that they could keep you in their mind forever, so that it may be lodged into their soul for eternity.

With so many lathers of soothing indie rock that is such a sumptuous listen, you feel lifted by the deep lyrics has you so captivated, the solos are tremendous and his vocals ease into your blood flow with that rarefied air, that not a lot of artists have in their locker.

He sings with such vehement gusto and purposeful enthusiasm, as we hear a man on a mission to reach his dreams no matter what is thrown his way.

Red and Blue Flashing Heads‘ from Chicago’s Mission From Dog, is a terrific single that has your mind in an elevated place, as you daydream and get lost into this wonderfully soulful creation to escape into.

Hear this quality single on Spotify and check out the IG for more info.